Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sweet summer bliss....
Summer has finally started for me. After traveling nonstop for three weeks now and being able to jsut laze about and do nothing, I can soo appreciate a/c!
Ahh beautiful a/c and controlled environments and toilets...all these things are soo much appreciated. My last travels with my honors class through northern new mexico definitely pushed me beyond my normal level of comfort but good friends helped me stay sane and distracted me from the reality of my situation of living in a rural environment. It wasn't soo bad but just I am spoiled and this was no place to be lazy and selfish and I didn't want to be. Well atlast I am back in albuquerque for two days and then flying home. Tired. Daydreaming. Accomplished. Happy. And soon to be Distracted.
Ja Mata-Until next time.