Wednesday, March 22, 2006

P.S. - Update:

My cell phone charger has finally arrived and now the cell phone drama ends. Sorry folks but thats life for you. Fair for me but not for you =P.
And the craziness continues...or is it nerdiness?

Soo despite having a crappy previous night, today turned out to be an excellent day. This morning I had my friend Laura wake me up in time to get ready for and make it to my archery class in the morning and what a surprise was waiting for me the moment I opened my window - it was snowing outside and the ground was white! Woot! Well archery class was really fun and interesting, I was already picturing myself as Kagome (heh). Afterwards I got breakfast and went back to my room where I started doing some job searching and came upon a good website for doing just that. I then had my tennis class (even though it was optional) and played tennis with my friend Megan while it started snowing again. That was quite lovely and fun to do. At first my hands were getting cold from the numb but after playing a while, they got warm and I was no longer cold. Two guys who also showed up and stayed were also wearing shorts - craziness. Afterwards I returned to my room where upon arriving at the dorms I ran into another friend, and struck up a good conversation with her. I then finished my Japanese hw that I had not done the previous night and for the remainder of my break I surfed the internet. Afterwards I went to English class where I discovered that I could use my next assignment to my advantage and apply it to one essay/article I have to write for this application for a job that really interests me. Then I went to Japanese were it was semi-fruitful experience/practice and was able to walk back into the building without my keys because I ran into another friend (kelly) while walking with my friend Phil. Well, I ended up chatting a good while with Kelly up until about dinner time at which i had a short interval with my RA /friend Julie. After dinner I returned to my room and had an average lounge period before heading downstairs for my Japanese study group and then back up to yet again Kelly's room for a hot chocolate party!Woot!

It is there and then that my craziness gets the best of me. While Kelly was studying for her Algebra test, I decided to quietly start planning my next semester and see which classes I wanted to take. I had wanted to take some interesting classes that friends, Alyssa and Clara, had been taking this semester but they didnt quite fit into neither my major nor minor so I thought why not switch my minor to foreign lang. and literatures but there was no such major or minor, instead I discovered the Comparitive Languages and Literature program which sounded just as interesting. The classes they offered were equally interesting as my minor. So I was at a standstill because now I had more than enough interesting classes I wanted to take that fell into three minors. Well I had already been set on my major, that for sure isn't going to change, but my first minor was also set -Asian Studies- I just thought I could still take my Japanese classes and recieve credit from them for a different major but apparently not. My other choice for minor was dance because I love to dance. So I obviously couldn't handle taking three minors because my schedule was pretty full as it is with my current major and minor. So after talking with my friend Rachel who is a dance major about what a dance major/minor would require, I resolved that that could wait until grad school. I could still take dance classes then and still have fun while focusing on my masters afterall. However, I think I am going to double minor in the asian studies and comparitive languages and literature because that is possible and I don't know where else they would offer those classes. So there ya go. I am not only still taking dance classes but now "paper-requiring" classes. Yes I know I am crazy and proud of it.

Now for the more normal part, I have been thinking about where I plan to go to for grad school. My choices so far are: University of Arizona, University of Virginia, and Cornell University (which if you have been reading my previous blogs you would know why). There maybe some other colleges but I think that three options are good for me. My last choice and fall back option of course would be here but I really don't plan to stay here for it just because I am a very "unstable element" and need to experience new things and love to travel. My next step now is to research and see if they have a dance program and if they don't well then I probably won't go there then. I know I am thinking way ahead. I still have to plan out my studying abroad but I am just a natural day dreamer.

I really think that I am going to accomplish all my goals and dreams in my lifetime because not only am I a driven, determined, and ambitious person, but I am also a very lucky and optomistic person and no matter how many obstacles I face, they won't get me down. I will overcome all of them and in the end have succeeded in the generic, spiritual, and humanistic definitions of success. I have full faith in my Lord that He will bless me so and that everything I plan to do will be done because He has not let me down. All my goals and ambitions may seem selfish but they also have their much more spiritual and humanistic aspects too. Like I have told my friends, there is more to me than even I know about myself. Sort of like Ford Prefect. How funny that my life seems to parallel him in some ways.

Monday, March 20, 2006

No wonder they say March Madness...

So I have now had this on-going drama with my cell phone for the past couple of days. First of all, I had left it at my friend's house when I spent the nite at her place last week. I couldn't reach her at home since my dad decided that we couldn't afford long distance phone calls. So I had to call my other friend and ask her to call my friend who had the phone. Well, since she was leaving the next day in the early early morning, her dad was going to drop it off at my house that day. However, he never did but instead dropped it off at my other friend's house (not the one I called to call my friend) and that friend was busy that day so I couldn't pick it up till saturday afternoon. So Sunday comes around and I am back in the dorms after talking to Aleisha about random stuff, it suddenly occurs to me that I left my cell phone charger at the house. Ahh. I called my parents and told them to send it to me overniter but when I called I had awoken them from sleep. Oops. Oy vey..what a crazy month march has been.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Soo...even though my spring break was off to a good start. This morning it started out not soo well. I had to deal with my dad waking me up asking me about the car keys even though I kept telling him they were in my purse, but my lazy father couldn't even do a simple task of looking through my purse for my keys. Seriously they weren't that hard to find for me. Then he proceeds to criticise me for not taking good care of my care because it has been out in the sun for most of the day today. Uggghh, when will he learn to stop criticizing others. I really can't get along with him because he doesn't know how to have a normal conversation. At least my mother knows better. We had a nice talk last nite. She however did inform me that another of great relatives, my Great Aunt Ophelia, has now been diagnosed with cancer. This really scares me because my great uncle Pedro recently had died of cancer and he was the person everyone thought was least likely to die first. Then it was my great aunt Lucilia who just died of old age. All of these news makes me sad because I had grown up with them and so I was so used to them being there but now they are gone. I really am not used change. Well, as soon as my best friend Maggie comes over ( we are having a sleep over this weekend) my day will get better. I just need to ignore my father and his dumb remarks he makes at me. He is just not right in the head me and my mom say. Well, that be it for me. Toodles.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Spring Break is here...
And I am so not ready for tomorrow when my dad comes. My bed is piled with clothes my floor littered with clothes not to mention a dead cockroach I just discovered today under my shelf. Can you say EEEEEWWWWW! What to do what to do. I am excited about going home for the break and seeing old friends but at the same time I am going to miss my friends here in the Burque even if it is just for one week. Not too mention my crush who I got to see today =P. It was so nice of him to sit on my lap, hehehe. Sooo much fun playing bowling, I got a few spares but wasn't able to get a strike, maybe next time. Pictures will be posted on facebook of the whole event. Saddly there was no picture of him sitting on my lap, drats. *sighs* Well I should start packing for tomorrow. Just want to give a shout out for all my fellow peeps in the Burque and tell you guys to have a fun break because I am going to miss you all! Love ya lots friends.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Spring is here and its quite infectious!

I feel soo happy today. I can't explain it but its really a great feeling. I don't know exactly what it is but I just feel like everything is great! Perhaps the season's really do have an affect on us. I mean besides for the obvious reasons but you know it seems that my moods have followed the seasons. In winter, I was really kind of dumpy, not sad just not quite cheerful. In fall, I was melodramatic. In summer, I was in good spirits because I was with old friends and at home. Now spring has been one of those times where I feel like I could just fly into the sky. I already have my happy thought. In fact I have more than one happy thought and I am a kid at heart...I refuse to grow up into persay a lawyer. Hec, my major is one that deals with drawing =P. Yep, I just need some fairy dust to fly.

Flying into the sky
One peers down
To see the colors of spring
The birds soar with you
As you pass cloud after cloud
And the world
Becomes a blurr
In the moment
Of true bliss
Where all anxieties
Are washed away
By the wind and the sun
And all there is
Is endless space
To fly in every direction
Endless opportunities
To do whatever
Your whim desires

Oh flying
In the sky
No wonder
Man invented
The airplane
And has been fascinated
With the universe
What wonderous
Must await us there!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Never honk at old ladies...

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Soo...All I have to say today is that my life is my own and I actually do control it. Fate and destiny may have a hand in it but I think that the way you view it and react to it and have your attitude about it, in the end, controls your life. If you choose to view your life negatively then you will make things turn out that way but if you view life as a positive thing, then positive things are sure to happen. Perhaps luck is just the fact that you view life absolutely positively. I never thought I had good luck until I started thinking positively and now I see I did have luck even when I thought I didn't. Even though I criticize society for being the way it is, I still do believe that we all have good in us and that even in the darkest of situation there is hope. Pandora's box if you will. However, hope can be good or bad but that depends on the way you percieve it to be. Perception. Perhaps reality is just all a perception. If you think about even though we live on the earth, we really don't experience the 3 dimensions equally because we can't go up or down that much. Sure we can fly and we go up and down stairs and elevators but we generally don't travel in that direction. So if we were in space, what would it feel like to go in either direction because we can in space. For all you trekkies, did the Voyager ever once travel up or down? To me, it seems to have travelled horizontally neh? Because the engines were faced the other way. Perception. We can't even see everything clearly. I mean think about it. Microscopes enlarge things but even planet earth is microscopic in comparison to the universe. So size is just a question of relevance. We have even yet come to discover the origins of matter. So what is to say that we know a lot. I claim that to know everything is to know nothing.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Long week...crazy mind.

Have you ever had a moment in which all these worries of the past, present,and future came to you at once? I just did. It was crazy and fortunately one of my best friends let me vent and rant continuously to her and let me tell you it was a very odd conversation..from starting with foreign exchange program to ending on abstinence and anywhere else in between. I don't know where my mind made connections to all the things we talked about but I got it off and in the end I got a good laugh when she did her Spanish cuzzing impersonation of her grandma! Ahh that was soo funny! The week is finally over. Next week is medterms ...bleeccchhh...and afterwards its Spring Break! I can't believe it's spring break already...boy does time go fast. Well, that means it's time for me to get cracking on my portfolio for the school of architecture application. Here's to me getting into the school. Good thing no midterms for my major! Just endless drawing and lectures on art! OH I love thee.

In other terms, I am soo angry at the fact that UNM doesn't have an adequate study abroad program. I was just like soo enfuriated by that to no degree of end. It has made me decide that perhaps I might transfer to a different university such as Cornell University. I am undecided on that just because if I did transfer. It would be in my senior year of college and I would go through a couple more years of college, but lucky for me I actually enjoy college and yah it would be great to be able to go to a topnotch school with an awesome foreign exchange consortium. We will see how things go. In the meantime, I need to learn to sit back and take things calmly. I have to trust that God will guide me in the right track. I really am happy to be single now because I have just now realized how having a significant other could sidetrack if not detour my ambitions to travel the world and possibly go to an awesome university for whatever level of education I am at...possibly earlier than Grad..we will see. Ahh, cupid, you won't be able to get me so easily now. My priorities are straight and thats to accomplish my ambitions and goals. I am determined to accomplish my ambitions. I just can't give them up so easily, they are my dreams and my dreams make me part of who I am.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sleepless night and long days...
Do make me weary
And lost in time
All for my goals and dreams
That do test
My patience and determination
My strength and will power
Carried me through
In the end
Sleep does become me
As I am coveted to bed
Farewell world of arduous torture
Hello world of twists and turns
Of abstract and allusion
Fill my mind with wonderous dreams
As I embrace
That which restores me.