Monday, March 06, 2006

Spring is here and its quite infectious!

I feel soo happy today. I can't explain it but its really a great feeling. I don't know exactly what it is but I just feel like everything is great! Perhaps the season's really do have an affect on us. I mean besides for the obvious reasons but you know it seems that my moods have followed the seasons. In winter, I was really kind of dumpy, not sad just not quite cheerful. In fall, I was melodramatic. In summer, I was in good spirits because I was with old friends and at home. Now spring has been one of those times where I feel like I could just fly into the sky. I already have my happy thought. In fact I have more than one happy thought and I am a kid at heart...I refuse to grow up into persay a lawyer. Hec, my major is one that deals with drawing =P. Yep, I just need some fairy dust to fly.

Flying into the sky
One peers down
To see the colors of spring
The birds soar with you
As you pass cloud after cloud
And the world
Becomes a blurr
In the moment
Of true bliss
Where all anxieties
Are washed away
By the wind and the sun
And all there is
Is endless space
To fly in every direction
Endless opportunities
To do whatever
Your whim desires

Oh flying
In the sky
No wonder
Man invented
The airplane
And has been fascinated
With the universe
What wonderous
Must await us there!

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