Wednesday, March 22, 2006

And the craziness continues...or is it nerdiness?

Soo despite having a crappy previous night, today turned out to be an excellent day. This morning I had my friend Laura wake me up in time to get ready for and make it to my archery class in the morning and what a surprise was waiting for me the moment I opened my window - it was snowing outside and the ground was white! Woot! Well archery class was really fun and interesting, I was already picturing myself as Kagome (heh). Afterwards I got breakfast and went back to my room where I started doing some job searching and came upon a good website for doing just that. I then had my tennis class (even though it was optional) and played tennis with my friend Megan while it started snowing again. That was quite lovely and fun to do. At first my hands were getting cold from the numb but after playing a while, they got warm and I was no longer cold. Two guys who also showed up and stayed were also wearing shorts - craziness. Afterwards I returned to my room where upon arriving at the dorms I ran into another friend, and struck up a good conversation with her. I then finished my Japanese hw that I had not done the previous night and for the remainder of my break I surfed the internet. Afterwards I went to English class where I discovered that I could use my next assignment to my advantage and apply it to one essay/article I have to write for this application for a job that really interests me. Then I went to Japanese were it was semi-fruitful experience/practice and was able to walk back into the building without my keys because I ran into another friend (kelly) while walking with my friend Phil. Well, I ended up chatting a good while with Kelly up until about dinner time at which i had a short interval with my RA /friend Julie. After dinner I returned to my room and had an average lounge period before heading downstairs for my Japanese study group and then back up to yet again Kelly's room for a hot chocolate party!Woot!

It is there and then that my craziness gets the best of me. While Kelly was studying for her Algebra test, I decided to quietly start planning my next semester and see which classes I wanted to take. I had wanted to take some interesting classes that friends, Alyssa and Clara, had been taking this semester but they didnt quite fit into neither my major nor minor so I thought why not switch my minor to foreign lang. and literatures but there was no such major or minor, instead I discovered the Comparitive Languages and Literature program which sounded just as interesting. The classes they offered were equally interesting as my minor. So I was at a standstill because now I had more than enough interesting classes I wanted to take that fell into three minors. Well I had already been set on my major, that for sure isn't going to change, but my first minor was also set -Asian Studies- I just thought I could still take my Japanese classes and recieve credit from them for a different major but apparently not. My other choice for minor was dance because I love to dance. So I obviously couldn't handle taking three minors because my schedule was pretty full as it is with my current major and minor. So after talking with my friend Rachel who is a dance major about what a dance major/minor would require, I resolved that that could wait until grad school. I could still take dance classes then and still have fun while focusing on my masters afterall. However, I think I am going to double minor in the asian studies and comparitive languages and literature because that is possible and I don't know where else they would offer those classes. So there ya go. I am not only still taking dance classes but now "paper-requiring" classes. Yes I know I am crazy and proud of it.

Now for the more normal part, I have been thinking about where I plan to go to for grad school. My choices so far are: University of Arizona, University of Virginia, and Cornell University (which if you have been reading my previous blogs you would know why). There maybe some other colleges but I think that three options are good for me. My last choice and fall back option of course would be here but I really don't plan to stay here for it just because I am a very "unstable element" and need to experience new things and love to travel. My next step now is to research and see if they have a dance program and if they don't well then I probably won't go there then. I know I am thinking way ahead. I still have to plan out my studying abroad but I am just a natural day dreamer.

I really think that I am going to accomplish all my goals and dreams in my lifetime because not only am I a driven, determined, and ambitious person, but I am also a very lucky and optomistic person and no matter how many obstacles I face, they won't get me down. I will overcome all of them and in the end have succeeded in the generic, spiritual, and humanistic definitions of success. I have full faith in my Lord that He will bless me so and that everything I plan to do will be done because He has not let me down. All my goals and ambitions may seem selfish but they also have their much more spiritual and humanistic aspects too. Like I have told my friends, there is more to me than even I know about myself. Sort of like Ford Prefect. How funny that my life seems to parallel him in some ways.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Gabs! I've been reading your blogs and I really like this one! I especially like what you said at the end, about how there's more to you than even YOU know. I never thought about it that way, but I think that is so true about you, me, Aleisha, Laura. . . everyone! If you think about it, there has to be more to us than we know, because if there weren't, we wouldn't discover new interests and whatnot.

Have a great rest of the day!