Sunday, March 12, 2006

Soo...even though my spring break was off to a good start. This morning it started out not soo well. I had to deal with my dad waking me up asking me about the car keys even though I kept telling him they were in my purse, but my lazy father couldn't even do a simple task of looking through my purse for my keys. Seriously they weren't that hard to find for me. Then he proceeds to criticise me for not taking good care of my care because it has been out in the sun for most of the day today. Uggghh, when will he learn to stop criticizing others. I really can't get along with him because he doesn't know how to have a normal conversation. At least my mother knows better. We had a nice talk last nite. She however did inform me that another of great relatives, my Great Aunt Ophelia, has now been diagnosed with cancer. This really scares me because my great uncle Pedro recently had died of cancer and he was the person everyone thought was least likely to die first. Then it was my great aunt Lucilia who just died of old age. All of these news makes me sad because I had grown up with them and so I was so used to them being there but now they are gone. I really am not used change. Well, as soon as my best friend Maggie comes over ( we are having a sleep over this weekend) my day will get better. I just need to ignore my father and his dumb remarks he makes at me. He is just not right in the head me and my mom say. Well, that be it for me. Toodles.

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