Sunday, September 24, 2006

Waiting for time to pass
Uncertain of the future
Everything before me is blurry
Including the past
All I know is myself
And where I want to be
Nothing else matters

Obstacle after obstacle
Heartache after heartache
I stumble forward
As God pushes me
My legs move on their own
Despite my weakness
Inside my soul is on fire
I cannot give up

The past is the past
And no pattern can define me
I am as infinite
As God is timeless
Don't try and define me
For I have no classification
I once was an awkward shy girl
But she died
And instead I was reborn
Through Christ

He is with me always
Even in my loneliest hour
And through Him
I have gone far
He has shown me the world
And the truth of everyone
That which I couldnt see
Until I died
Even the the biggest problem
Has become but a minor delay
See this smile on my face
It is because He is with me.

I have no need for pity
All I ask is that you accompany me
As far as you can
On my journey
When our paths split
You shall forever be in my heart
With Christ
But this is my journey
To freedom

And so it goes
On this path to my final destination
Many will pass
Some will stay a while
And a few will join me most of the way
But only one can
Can go all the way
If he chooses
Until then
I have Christ

Friday, September 22, 2006

Silently I watch
As you pass me by
Without a word
All along
Holding in
Wishing to release
What are grades
When all that matters
Is the end

Monday, September 11, 2006

A Season of Drought

Sleepless wet nights
Tousled sheets
Recurring incidents
Slipping from my hands
I watch all stability leave me
Praying for a miracle
Only to be paid in reality
Wishing for a vent
An outlet
A refuge
A counsel
To let out my frustration
To be understood
To be healed
To find release
From this eternal cycle
All along I trudge
Through the hot difficult sands
Of this season of drought.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Late nights, cartoons, reality shows, and dreams are to mental health as bad late night pizza is to your stomache.

Weird dreams dilute
The reality of time
Making the moment of awareness
The more twilight

Cartoons are not real
Yet mixed with thoughts
And current events
Seem so similar

Reality shows
Are not real
Yet popular they be
Even in one's subconscience
They make an appearance

Time pressure
Reality consuming
Missing elements of comfort
Missing home.