Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sleepless nights
Endless hours surfing
I sometimes wonder
If Haruhi Suzumiya
And I are alike

It would be interesting
To have a day
In a world created
By our mind
I sometimes
Think too much
About random things
Or nothing at all

I was told that
I surf all over the place
I guess
I spend too much time
On the internet
And not enough
Doing homework...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

November is here and December is around the corner...

I am scared and frightened
Tired and stressed
But my spirit is still strong
While my body is exhausted
I want to cry these lonely nights
But my spirit stands firm
I know my circumstances are hard
But I can't quit
I will persevere
I will overcome my circumstances
Become better than I am now
I will
Be the person
I see in the distant future
Who is waving back at me
With a smile
Beckoning me forward to her
She whispers to me
Don't give up
You will reach it
My wings are tied
But I know they exist
If I can just persevere
I will free myself
From the chains of
The past
And free my wings of
The future.