Sunday, March 05, 2006

Soo...All I have to say today is that my life is my own and I actually do control it. Fate and destiny may have a hand in it but I think that the way you view it and react to it and have your attitude about it, in the end, controls your life. If you choose to view your life negatively then you will make things turn out that way but if you view life as a positive thing, then positive things are sure to happen. Perhaps luck is just the fact that you view life absolutely positively. I never thought I had good luck until I started thinking positively and now I see I did have luck even when I thought I didn't. Even though I criticize society for being the way it is, I still do believe that we all have good in us and that even in the darkest of situation there is hope. Pandora's box if you will. However, hope can be good or bad but that depends on the way you percieve it to be. Perception. Perhaps reality is just all a perception. If you think about even though we live on the earth, we really don't experience the 3 dimensions equally because we can't go up or down that much. Sure we can fly and we go up and down stairs and elevators but we generally don't travel in that direction. So if we were in space, what would it feel like to go in either direction because we can in space. For all you trekkies, did the Voyager ever once travel up or down? To me, it seems to have travelled horizontally neh? Because the engines were faced the other way. Perception. We can't even see everything clearly. I mean think about it. Microscopes enlarge things but even planet earth is microscopic in comparison to the universe. So size is just a question of relevance. We have even yet come to discover the origins of matter. So what is to say that we know a lot. I claim that to know everything is to know nothing.

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