Friday, March 03, 2006

Long week...crazy mind.

Have you ever had a moment in which all these worries of the past, present,and future came to you at once? I just did. It was crazy and fortunately one of my best friends let me vent and rant continuously to her and let me tell you it was a very odd conversation..from starting with foreign exchange program to ending on abstinence and anywhere else in between. I don't know where my mind made connections to all the things we talked about but I got it off and in the end I got a good laugh when she did her Spanish cuzzing impersonation of her grandma! Ahh that was soo funny! The week is finally over. Next week is medterms ...bleeccchhh...and afterwards its Spring Break! I can't believe it's spring break already...boy does time go fast. Well, that means it's time for me to get cracking on my portfolio for the school of architecture application. Here's to me getting into the school. Good thing no midterms for my major! Just endless drawing and lectures on art! OH I love thee.

In other terms, I am soo angry at the fact that UNM doesn't have an adequate study abroad program. I was just like soo enfuriated by that to no degree of end. It has made me decide that perhaps I might transfer to a different university such as Cornell University. I am undecided on that just because if I did transfer. It would be in my senior year of college and I would go through a couple more years of college, but lucky for me I actually enjoy college and yah it would be great to be able to go to a topnotch school with an awesome foreign exchange consortium. We will see how things go. In the meantime, I need to learn to sit back and take things calmly. I have to trust that God will guide me in the right track. I really am happy to be single now because I have just now realized how having a significant other could sidetrack if not detour my ambitions to travel the world and possibly go to an awesome university for whatever level of education I am at...possibly earlier than Grad..we will see. Ahh, cupid, you won't be able to get me so easily now. My priorities are straight and thats to accomplish my ambitions and goals. I am determined to accomplish my ambitions. I just can't give them up so easily, they are my dreams and my dreams make me part of who I am.


Kelly said...

Gaby! I love conversations where you can talk to your best friends about anything and everything and you do. That's aweseome.

So, what's this about UNM not having a good study abroad program and you transferring to a different university???

Gaby said... has no study abroad to Japan but I think I will stay here for the rest of my undergrad. I was just feeling frustrated that day.