Monday, March 20, 2006

No wonder they say March Madness...

So I have now had this on-going drama with my cell phone for the past couple of days. First of all, I had left it at my friend's house when I spent the nite at her place last week. I couldn't reach her at home since my dad decided that we couldn't afford long distance phone calls. So I had to call my other friend and ask her to call my friend who had the phone. Well, since she was leaving the next day in the early early morning, her dad was going to drop it off at my house that day. However, he never did but instead dropped it off at my other friend's house (not the one I called to call my friend) and that friend was busy that day so I couldn't pick it up till saturday afternoon. So Sunday comes around and I am back in the dorms after talking to Aleisha about random stuff, it suddenly occurs to me that I left my cell phone charger at the house. Ahh. I called my parents and told them to send it to me overniter but when I called I had awoken them from sleep. Oops. Oy vey..what a crazy month march has been.

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