Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ahh June has finally arrived and I only have one trip more to make this month before I can settle down at last. Travelling around has been great but I am ready to start working once I get a job. OH hopefully I will; I am praying fervently for such. In just a few minutes or hours, depending when my best friend arrives, I shall be leaving to arrive in Albuquerque for the Panic at the Disco concert!Woot!Woot! Ah, but alas, she has bitten the poison apple and has no prince to wake her up just yet.
In other news, I am materialistically enjoying my comfortable bed rather than continue my camp-out in the backyard. It was nice while it lasted but the bed is soo much more comfortable than the sleeping bag; not too mention the fact that its nice and cool in the house and there is no glaring sun in my face when I wake up. Oh well, I guess in some respects I am normal.
Being a shopaholic and broke is a tragic drama, there are soo many cute clothes in the mall that I want to buy but cannot afford. I need to learn to be happy with the clothes I have as well as donate some clothes to goodwill...my closet is soo packed. I also need to avoid the mall which won't be possible if I get a job there. Ahh too many things I want and an eternity to wait for them. Need to learn to be happy where I am at but I was born in a materialistic capital world-thus I became a shopaholic.

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