Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Well another holiday has come and gone, this one marking the middle of summer vacations. One more month until school resumes. I am not sure whether I should be happy or sad; happy that I won't have to be dealing with nagging parents anymore that complain I spend too much or sad that vacations are ending. However, as much as I slept, the waking hours I had weren't too great and overweighed my sleep causing me to want to sleep more. I atleast have worked on my summer reading and been able to see my friends but I think it is time for me to move on up the ladder of life and become independent since they don't appreciate me being home.

Change is inevitable. Change happens every second of existence from conception to death. In some ways I haven't changed but in other ways I think I have, that is I have changed for the better. However, it's not just personal change that happens but everything changes around you. You think the world is constant but it isn't at all. It changes at the same pace as you do. Things that I thought would never have changed like the city and my neighborhood. They have and continue to change but just like growing up...these changes are very subtle.

I thought I could come home more often but the truth is that staying home only inhibits me more than helps me. I end up regressing because I have to deal with one lousy father who has stayed behind in the past from cowardice and thus never grew up and never got with the program. It's a good thing that I actually like change, otherwise I might have ended up like him. I wish he would grow up though but that would be a miracle and take a long time to happen. I don't know why or how my brother puts up with him but I cannot. He goes against everything that represents my identity and what I value as important things. Well, atleast now I know what to avoid in guys.

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