Monday, October 09, 2006

Fall Poems
Sadness in Time

A tear falls down my cheek
As my heart beats
The sky blackens
And the leaves fall
As I reminisce
On what this life
Has brought me

I wonder about
You and I
My future
My past
My present

Watching the sunset before me
I remember everything
Who I am
Where I am going
Who you are
Where you are going
And what you are to me

I know our paths are seperate
But these feelings
Cannot be controlled
My heart
Cannot be denied
My self
Cannot be ignored

As I think about you
I wish with everything I am
That it wasn't this way
But time continues
Leaves fall
Sun sets
And time slips
Through my fingers.

Autumn Revelation

A tear falls down my cheek
As my heart beats with the falling leaves
Looking up at the sunset
Beyond the falling rain
Ahead is a fork in the road
I see you there
At the opposite end
With blurry eyes
But stable feet
Whispered in the autumn breeze
Praying they reach your ear
My thoughts and feelings
I send to you.

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