Saturday, May 26, 2007

Well, no Thailand for me which has set me into a shopping mood again meaning new bedding for my room. I have found my bookcases though so I am excited about that and I am hoping for a new LCD TV that will also serve as my computer monitor to save space although my desk will only accomodate a 15-in monitor but necessity is the mother of creativity and I will find a way around it. So I know I spend a lot, but I caught myself. They had the complete FRIENDS tv series at Target but it was nearly 200 dollars. Oddly enough the individual seasons were only 20 dollars at Target but at FYE they were 50 dollars...hmm? Anyhow I decided I wasn't going to waste another 200 dollars. I am thinking of returning my backpack as much as I love it but I am not sure if I will be able to go to Thailand next summer either. I may just imagine I am in Thailand and type a story about my time there to make up for it. I want to go on a road trip to this summer seeing as I have the time now though don't know about money but I am sure God will provide. I want to get my creative juices flowing again. I love art so much. I am not afraid of the future anymore, I know God has grander plans for me.
On other random knews, I have decided that I like Techies very much so. They make me laugh and are very smart and not bad looking at all as one would assume. Well I guess not anymore as we progressively get smarter and realize that Techies are not the stereotypical nerds of the fact I even saw one dare to wear a pink t-shirt *gasp*! All in all, I give Techies a 9 on my scale of date potentials. If one would like a date with me by some chance, I would agree to it as well.
Now if we were to watch a movie on a date, I would recommend Stranger than Fiction. I recently bought the movie on hearing the good reviews about it and am now adding to the reviews by saying that I totally approve it. Will Ferrell does a supreme job of acting and the movie is so subtly humorous that it tickles you just right. I really loved this movie and am glad I purchased it. Uptown girls was also good but thats just my pick-me-up mood movie. Now that I am done ranting about such at this late of an hour....I find myself once again avoiding sleeping.
I think it's because it is when I am in bed that I feel the most sad and lonely and every depressing thought seeps into my consciousness. Well, I really can't afford no sleep. So goodnight world!

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