Friday, April 07, 2006

Procrastination...soo hard to not do. I procrastinated all day today. But today has past and I am moving on. I had volunteered for a position of the Stations of the Cross at Mass, it was a serious thing, but we had fun still (me and the other people who volunteered). After the run through, we had some really awesome cheese and potato soup that filled me up so good! Because I hadn't eaten all day, that soup tasted delicious. Afterwards I came back to my room and....can't remember what I internet mainly. Then my friend Vicki called me and she said she was bored as well and then our friend called her and said he was bored as well...So I concluded that tonite was a boring nite, just a nite that boredom was abounding. So she came over to my room and we watched a 13 going to 30. OH my gosh, I love that movie. It was soo cute and okay so it was a chick flick but you know I am a girl and yes I so wished I had the closet she had (it was huge and had the best shoe collection ever). I really needed to watch that movie again, because it just so uplifted my spirit after the longest week of my life. Let's just hope that motivation helps me get over my procrastination. Speaking of which...
Procrastinating on my portfolio...well thats going to stop I am going to work on it this weekend for sure!!! and thats why I feel like I so love my major. I love art! I love to draw and designing houses and such. Well I love it to death. This is like my passion, my purpose in life. I want to do so much. I want to help repair the slums of cities. Help the less fortunate who can't afford a good house. I love to help people and this is how I know I can, because this is what I feel God called me to do. I can feel it in myself, this great potential that God gave me! I just know it! I feel like everything I dream and hope for will come true, even about my love life. I just really have to work for it, and I am and will continue to do so to it. I just can't believe how truly blessed I am. I know I have said that before but God just never stops to amaze me! From what I used to be to where I am now. Sure I may not be miss super hot chick but I am not a stupid girl in the words of pink. I am the girl with ambition, determination, charisma, wisdom, intellegence (though not a genius but that doesn't matter), and genuine compassion for others. That is a lot that most people don't have. I mean how many people know for sure what career/major they want to pursue? How many people have as many good friends as me and as old as middle school all through high school and college? Including some of the best best friends that anyone could ever ask for. Just so blessed. This movie has cleared up a lot of things for me that I didn't realize I needed to think about. All in all, today was a pretty good day despite having a bad start (i.e. I overslept my alarm again and missed archery and tennis...uggh). I just have to keep praising my God. I still will continue to pray for some guidance and divine motivation to get my grades up and be more responsible and hopefully to get the job as a CAPS algebra tutor.
PS. I also have my dance mojo going and would really like to learn how to dance better. I have to prospective people in mind that I am thinking of asking to be my dance partners for the remainder. Both love to dance (i.e. are danceaholics), and so they dance well and very often. I just am not sure who is the better to ask. I shall leave God to give me the "divine push" to the guy I need to ask. Ohh, how I love to dance. I think next time I have spare time after class to dance, I will just dance by myself and ask Isaac to help me with something when I need it. Makes sense. Well I am still planning on going to Cornell for graduate school. I just know thats the place I want to go. It's my newest ambition or goal if you will. My present goal is to bring up my grades and get into the school of architecture. I will need all of your prayers for this. Prayer...yup thats the thing I need most right now.

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