Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Soo despite the fact that I have literally dug myself into a big hole which I will have extreme difficulty to get out, I am determined to keep on smiling. I have a good long enough paper/investigative report due tomorrow which I haven't started and I have to write an abstract with it too. Uggh. Then I have an astronomy test on thursday which is alright but still just another bummer. I have a test/quiz/paper assigned to me on Thursday as well which means...busy weekend if not week. Not to mention all these meetings I am having throughout the week. AYAYA. I want to hide myself from the world and completely give up on school. Time for me to start planning my days. I had a strange morning as well. I woke up on time to my cd, this morning but was so tired that I decided to stay in bed until an hour before. Fell asleep woke up a few minutes later and could have sworn my clock said I was late to my class by half an hour. Wake up again to my cell phone going off and see that I woke in time to get ready for class. The message left on my cell says "my eldest son is sick with a 104 temp fever and needs to be picked up" what?!?! I get to class to find out about our quiz being assigned only thinking that it had been already signed last thursday. Ehehe. I think I was also pointed out to be in class or something. Didn't understand what the TA told me. I didnt quite get the Rumba in dance class today but I guess I had fun. Skipped Astronomy because I was tired. I have been in a state of perpetual tiredness. I did get sleep last nite though perhaps I should have gotten more sleep. I want to go to swing dancing to nite but seems like I may not be able to afford too. I may also be soon to get brain cancer from talking on the cell phone with my best friend for hours almost every day. I had from noon till present to start my research work/paper but what did I do. I procrastinated. What else is new? However, as much as I want to despair and give up, I cannot and so I will be off to the library to get this gosh darn paper done. Uggh, I hate myself nonetheless now for this. I don't know if my sickness has caused me to get behind more or if it was just me. More than like just myself. Like I said...procrastination will be the death of me. I need to get my life together before it really does kill me. Which means, I must leave the blog. Byes.

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