Friday, April 15, 2011

Picture Fridays!

In honor of Fridays and all they mean I have decided to post an interesting picture I took either new or archived! Hope everyone enjoys! Also I am going to change my layout sometime soon but just trying to figure out the kinks of blogger.

These are my favorite hangouts on campus! This is in a cove near the Humanities building and the Art building. I love that is hidden and has a Japanese feel to it! It seems to be maintained by a group on campus because there sometimes is a guestbook to sign and comment on.

Below is in front of Zimmerman library. Sadly the fountain isn't always on.

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Molly O said...

nice post! Now that I'm graduated I hardly ever miss UNM, but today I swung by and the weather was so gorgeous I almost got nostalgic. Almost. Hope school is treating you well!