Thursday, June 02, 2011

Versailles - Highs and Lows

So today I visited Versailles and it was wonderful! I walked around most of the grounds though 20% I did not get a chance to see. However, it was all completely wonderful I will have to admit so I am going to make a list post today. With the music coming out of who knows where all around the main grounds, I kept imagining the statues coming to life because they were so white against the greens of the trees and bushes behind them. Also, I have noted that in answer to a friend's question regarding the trees, trees in French gardens are trimmed square. That's right square!

  • I got to Versailles!
  • I got to experience the fountains with classical music
  • Walked around the Grand Canal on the trail of an old couple (very cute)
  • Saw Marie-Antoinette's grounds, beautiful!
  • Met a lady and her daughter from Philadelphia on the way back
  • Felt God's presence with me walking around the gardens/park
  • Wonderful sunny weather with a cool breeze for a walk in the park
  • Getting chips and a waffle snack from Vending machine when I just paid for an Orangina!
  • Had a train mix up and spent 2 hrs instead of 1 hr getting to Versailles
  • My lunch took forever to arrive at a cafe on the grounds, poor service!
  • Dealing with a long line to get tickets at the train station in the morning
  • Dealing with a huge amount of tourists in line and in the Palace - literally felt like we were being herded as we crammed through doorways meant for at most two people
  • Wished I had gone to Baylor so I could have had something to talk about with another girl on the train back.
The line! Thankfully it do go by quickly.
These doors were made for just the important people and yet look at us herding in through them, gah!

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