Friday, July 08, 2011

France in my mind!

Lately I have been waking up feeling ill as in feeling nauseous and well that has made me less inclined to eat. This is not a good thing as I need to eat since I am supposed to be training for a marathon. So I have fallen into this downward spiral of not feeling well, not eating well, not training = not feeling well next day. I attribute some of these sick mornings to not eating healthy as I have been eating some junk food and lately pizza and not enough healthy food. So I need to be better about eating well and getting more carbs in diet. Trader Joe's food section is very alluring at these times but not so economical.

Then I got to thinking, I need to just get up and have light breakfast and that reminded me of when I was in Paris, our hotel would give us a baguette with cheese or nutella to put on, milk or tea to drink, and a cup of fruit and often enough that would keep me filled without feeling heavy in the morning. I am pretty sure that this was a very Parisien if not French breakfast and now I find myself thinking, I much prefer that type of breakfast to our very heavy foods Why is it that Americans think they should eat a lot at every meal? I mean we are the bread basket of the world, though not the best bread I would add.

Now don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a good hearty breakfast some days but often enough I get up feel like making a good hearty breakfast is too much work in the morning and smoothies use the loud blender. But tea, mint tea especially will do good for my stomache, and bread with cheese and possibly jam too. Now that I can stomache and get some carbs while I am at it.

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