Friday, August 24, 2007

So the first week of classes has come and gone and lots of interestingly small things have happened since then. I managed to get most of the classes I wanted but I did have to put aside another class for an honors class I really wanted to take. However, it was for the better because now I don't have to carry my art supplies on the bus but I probably will have to do that next semester unless I buy an expensive parking permit. Yesterday, while at our annual ice cream social, I had played a good round of volleyball and was just starting to get better at it when it started raining and soon I found myself completely soaked and nearly blinded by the heavy downpour. I had to take my glasses off and couldn't clean them until I reached my car which was sometime after I started walking to my friend's car who offered to give me a ride. Well, I hope never to get caught in such heavy rain again. Some other things, I have ran into old friends I hadn't seen in a while and one whom I didn't expect to see at all. I have dealt with some roommate/apt. issues already and done my best to be the best roommate possible i.e. create no conflicts. There are still somethings I wish I had and were better but I am dealing with them.

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