Sunday, August 05, 2007

So here I am wondering once again, why did I allow myself the misery of falling for someone; this time some one far away. Yet I know that I cannot keep my heart locked away because then it will become stone, but perhaps suffering isn't as bad as it is painted by people. I once heard someone say that sadness is just a deeper form of happiness, and it doesn't seem far off. It is almost the same as the old saying, "what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger." I mean if money, wealth, fame are all meaningless to God then what is meaningful. So far I figure only experiences and people and memories but as for specifics, I have yet to figure out what. I have a feeling that suffering might as well be on the meaningful list. So I choose to suffer and so far have only suffered minor injuries on the road to love.
Though this be the second time, I have fallen for someone living quite a distance away. Even though I have yet to be in a serious relationship, I have never had my heart fully broken - only cracked - because it seems that all the people I ever like are always perfectly happy to have me as a friend and let me call them. I could always call them but they never would call me of their own free will, yet I was content for the matter being. So here at my fourth try, I have been called for the first time and have gotten pretty far except I haven't met him. All seems well on the outside but I wonder on the inside if it is. I feel it is myself that is making more of an effort to be the better person while he is content to be average. I thought we might be able to meet before summer's end but now he is telling me no and he is saying he is going to move even farther than before. Once again I feel myself at that crossroad where we split ways but keep in touch -deja vu perhaps-but then I wonder perhaps it is better this way. After all God has a plan for me and since he can see more than I can and is omnipotent and omnipresent , perhaps I should just trust Him. I won't worry but I will just trust Him.
I have given up trying to analyze the opposite sex's mind because in all my experiences doing that it only causes more trouble than help. I have instead taken up the neutral position of letting time follow its course so that whatever will happen happen. I do wish for love but I won't kill myself over it. If an opportunity arises, I shall cease it. Otherwise I am content to live with my friends and my life. It is in no way perfect but neither is it complete. Therefore I am working on it as you work on something. I have given up trying to belong in this world, the truth is I don't-for as a Christian, I belong to God and in His world not this present world that is not yet complete but has fallen as we all have. I don't try to be something I am not, rather I just am. I don't plan either because all my best plans God has thwarted and redirected, so I am just going with God's flow now. Que sera, sera.

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