Saturday, January 05, 2008

Dating and marriage and living fully...
Perhaps Frank Sinatra was onto something when he wrote his immortalized song Love and Marriage. Yes,it is something that we all think about whether we are for or against getting married but it is still on our minds. I tend to think more on the earlier parts of life like dating. I have a negative view of dating mainly because I think it is a waste of time to date for fun. If I am going to date it is because I am looking for that lifelong partner who I can grow and learn from and hopefully vice versa. Now, I am not a full blown feminist who thinks that she can live alone but I am also not going to be totally dependent on my partner. I was raised to be independent and to live out my life fully. Both my mother and grandmother were woman who loved to travel and did manage to do so and also both married late in life. I plan to marry late only because I have dreams that may not coincide with marriage early in life, for instance, I am a nerd and would like to enjoy my college life as much as possible and thus I will be in school for sometime due to some unexpected delays in my journey and also because I want to study abroad and travel as much as I possibly can before I settle - wanderlust if you may. If someone is willing to accommodate these two strings to the deal, then I would gladly trade my singleness for the complementariness of a couple. Life is short but the key to living happily is taking full advantage of what it has to offer and taking risks. Death is not our enemy but our friend when you don't fear him. Life is tiring and often we must be broken down and repaired many times before we can shine like a diamond. In fact, diamonds are so beautiful because they also have been compounded and compressed for long periods of time. Nature seems to mirror life almost as if God knew He would need to constantly remind us that we must be willing to suffer the same to shine brilliantly. I have come to an understanding that I cannot give up my life but must fully live it out because it is unfair to those who wish they could live longer. I live for myself and because there is a person who I owe my life to and a person who I couldn't do wrong by not living fully. Life is hard but life doesn't have to be that difficult; luck is only the perspective you have. I have found luck when I focus on the positive and keep looking and moving forward. Yet I also know that we do need to vent and cry out once in a while but the key is not to get absorbed in the negative but just give it its proper time and place and then move on. My life is all about truly learning to live.

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