Saturday, August 14, 2010

Prelude to a Beginning and End

The end of summer has finally come and while I don't know how ready I am for school semester to start, I also feel that I am excited it for it once again. I have already succeeded in summer school, I worked my hardest and enjoyed the class and did as well as I can manage. So now I have to repeat that whole process. This summer was also one of the best summers I have had and I am not sure where in lies the reason for that. One reason I guess is that I managed to spend some good quality time with my family in Northern New Mexico without much arguing and this week will continue to do so as I head to Austin to see my brother. In some ways, it seems God has been answering my prayers or maybe I have been answering my own prayers. It hasn't been easy and there were days I just wanted to quit and days were my faith was so much at question but fortunately I wasn't alone in these faith struggles, I had C.S.Lewis to help me through it and God certainly was there too.
This summer was also filled with quite a bit of weddings, four to be exact and one more still to come and two next summer already in the works. At the end of the summer, there were some hookups as well. I was not immune to the workings to Cupid but I am a stubborn woman and well I have finally come to enjoy my single-hood and wasn't about to give it up so easily and especially not so quickly. I have enjoyed hanging out with my friends this summer with no worries about having to tell someone about it. I have been more social than I ever was and well I am grateful for it after last year's desert of solitude. I feel some of the best friendships have been established and I am ever so thankful for them. This summer has been proof that God is listening to my prayers. While not all my prayers have been answered, I have faith they will be in due and proper time.
So I should be packing for Austin, I nearly didn't go but I have a strong feeling that I need to be with them. I have especially missed my older brother and he will soon be married so it will be good to spend more time with my soon-to-be-sister-in-law as well. While my family isn't perfect and pretty dis-functional at times, still it is all I have and I couldn't wish for another family. They are my own blood after all and I know I haven't been perfect either but their love is still strong for me and I find that to be sufficient for me. It is in loving one another and accepting our mistakes that we are made perfect in love. So I am willing to submit my ego in exchange for that love because without that love I would be miserable.

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