Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Good End to a Bad Month

Well, despite some crazy days and extreme business, I managed to make it through with enough sleep to keep up with my work though not my reading. Intervarsity Spring Training came and went and it was all pretty fun and definitely good. I made new friends from NM Tech as well as got to see some old friends. I have to say I love those Techies as well as my home dogs from UTEP. I learned a lot to keep me going for the rest of the semester and I definitely felt God's presence this weekend at Training. Though I was a bit distracted sometimes by my hair or scarf or just plain distracted by other tangent thoughts.
One of those thoughts was just that I really like those Techies and if any of them were ever to ask me out, I would say sure. They are all just so great fun and so crazy and weird and smart that it is enough to keep me entertained to say the least. There are even some pretty good looking fellows among them and they are decent boys. Boys nonetheless but boys still but I am perfectly ok with them being boys. I like that about them in fact. I appreciate our differences and I don't expect them to be my ideal guy. My ideal has become more of a catch all than a standard. What can I say, I just want a guy who makes me laugh and can hold a conversation and isn't serious. I don't even mind short guys either. As long as we can have fun, I would be happy. I know I shouldn't think of every guy I meet and like as a potential boyfriend and that I shouldn't focus on that but sometimes it would just be nice to have someone I can hang out with atleast most of the time or when I am lonely and bored. That's all I ask for really from a guy. It is my one wish that I would want granted. I don't really want anything else from life. I am content at where I am, though there are a few things I would change if I could but they aren't major. Mainly I just wish I could go back and tell myself that I will go far and make many new friends and be content and be myself so that I wouldn't have to go through my early school years so gloomy and depressed and lonely. I really have to thank God for getting me out of that whole. He has done so many good things in my life that I owe him everything!
All in all, it was a good weekend. I believe I did pretty good in my Modern Easter Civ. test on Friday. This Tues. I have a test in art history and wed. I have a presentation in my honors class. I think I am doing good in my classes, not the best I could do but I am slowly learning to manage my time and prioritize my tasks.
At home things are starting to look up. My dad seems to be learning that he isn't perfect and has begun to improve himself. On the other hand, my mother is now too stubborn to change her flaws as well. She keeps thinking that it is up to us to decide about the divorce matters but it isn't. I didn't like being put on the spot last weekend by her. That is her decision and not mine. I don't like it but I also think it would be better. This whole divorce thing is starting to bother me more and more as it gets closer. I just don't know how to feel about it. Maybe if I called Joey, he could help me out since his parents recently got divorced. It would be nice to have someone to talk to who has gone through similar experience of divorce in the family. Prayers for more understanding in my family as well as that my semester gets better would be greatly appreciated.
Well, here's to hoping things look up and allergies don't flare up. Ganbate!

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