Monday, December 12, 2005

Christmas is here! Woohoo! However this one last hurdle I must jump over is way too high and I am too exhausted to focus well on getting over it. I miss my home and I need my sleep yet here I am typing this blog instead of focusing on that hurdle. Uggh...what is wrong with me? I just am avoiding it, I guess. Well, I will try hard once this is over. I will celebrate tomorrow with swingdancing! Yes and maybe even some Christmas shopping...which means for my friends that they get presents. Yes, I love to shop for myself and others ...the giving bug has been living in me for a while now...even if I do waste all my money left on presents...I think it is worth it. Afterall, I love my friends dearly and want to show them how much I appreciate them. Ohh...but how I must overcome this hurdle first. Well my first blog. If you must know more about me ..then you can check me out on myspace but that will be another blog. Toodles.

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lmpertry said...

gabbs this biolog was very interesting and how you care about your friends that really gave me a good feeling knowing you love your friendds