Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year's is something oddly strange this year...
If you think about its the day for a new year but only because the earth starts another cycle around the sun neh? However, as students and i guess most adults, we actually follow a rather different calendar than the calenders we use. We follow a bi-calender or even a quad-calendar of the seasons more than anything. And so even though New Year's Day marks a new really doesnt have that much meaning because really we don't start something new or feel any different where as each change of the seasons there is some difference felt.
On that note, I have had a recent shock to my system. I realize now how much people are scared of change because even though I have accepted change..I didn't notice until one change that was pretty eminent from the start now has become more solidified. For more on that matter, you can talk to me personally because this is something I can't go into much detail.
Anyhow that shock has also disrupted some of my stabilities and feel pretty much unstable now. Of course I am speaking metaphorically and its amazing the power of metaphors but yah I guess it is expected that I should be unstable. Don't know how my brother will handle this "earthquake" but that really is something I cannot say.
So this new year's (and right now I don't care about grammar so please excuse it) I feel has somehow become that much more of new beginning than anything else. I will definitely be counting and praising God for my blessings. I don't know what my new year's resolution is except I now have more reasons than one to continue to strive for my goals, dreams, and aspirations and live with courage,hope,honesty, etc than before. I feel also guilty for not realizing those things sooner but I guess it couldn't be helped. One thing I will say is that I will need all my friends this year to help me get through this. It really is something turbulent and scary...atleast for me. So I give much love to my friends because they mean the world to me and I can never really show how much I appreciate you/them all!

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patsy said...

i have always known that you were a good writer but i never knew that you were this good...the way you write makes the reader want to read serious its really really good...ah i must admit that im the type of person who is scared of change i totally freak out...i think its cause i like to know whats gonna happen hmm change is a part of life but sometimes its scary : ( but god will never send us anything that we cant handle : )