Sunday, January 01, 2006

A New Year and New Beginnings

Yay, this new year's eve I got to spend it with my best friend out in the open space of her home in the suburbs. It was really great and I got to play with her 4 dogs and 3 cats! That was soo much fun. It was really nice spending time with her and having fun. Even though she didn't enjoy my game of "continue the story" lol. I had some really good food and ate pretty well...first time I had more than one meal (eheheh) and I actually felt very rested: Falling asleep to the music and talking with my friend. Yah it was really restful. It took my mind off of my family issues and I felt very accepted and comfortable there (where as now at home, I feel like the oddball). It was great. Coincidently my first dream of the new year involved a certain someone I know in a peculiar state of mind to say the least.

So my new year's resolution:
1)To be uber confident of myself so that I won't easily get influenced by media and by the opinions of others but myself
2)To get my studies in order so that I can graduate up to atleast As
3)To enjoy my college years and days of youth to the max capacity

I know they are vague and such but really I don't know what else to ask for *cough cough* but I think that really I have already a lot. I just need to work on my study habits.

On a sidenote: While driving/riding back home on the freeway. There was this group of motorcyclists riding too. They looked so hot!!! My dad asked if I would ride one of those and I said ya because thats soo hot! They were the sleek kawazaki and such type motorcycles that I like and with the helmets...they looked soo freakin cool! They passed us but when we got off the freeway they were at the gas station at the corner we turned. I was secretly wishhing I could ride one of those babies!

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Yuri said...

Those are some pretty good resolutions! Hee, and I know exactly what you are referring to.

Oh, and it's not that I didn't enjoy Continue the Story, I just had the worst migraine ever.