Thursday, January 05, 2006

Time is a mystery to me...

How is it that time can go by so quickly and at the same time it goes by slowly. I am just amazed that winter break is almost over. I am happy to be going back to school and see all my friends from school again but then I am starting to feel sad that I have to leave home again. I still havent spent time with my friends from middle school. Well, I still have one week left of vacation because my father is going out of town and I can't leave until he comes back since he is driving us back to Abq.
This break so many changes have taken place and even though I am fine with them, its just that it all happened so suddenly that I am left to wonder about time itself. For instance, we think we have forever to live but in reality it really isn't that long. So is time something that depends on perception or I don't know. I am confused on this. Well, I guess we can only go with the flow of time and trust God to guide us to where we should be.

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Yuri said...

Yes, time does fly, doesn't it? But at least we got to hang out a lot together! And you still have time to see your middle school friends.