Monday, January 23, 2006

When you feel like you can't go on and even the near future is blurry...

I have finally gotten settled into the new spring semester. It got off to a rocky start when I lost my parking permit and school ID with it. Thank God, I didn't lose my driver's license - that would have been a lot more of a hassle and drama than I need. Needless to say, I called my best friend that day and vented my heart out because gosh was it a lousy night even if the day was really good! Looks like if I can manage to not procrastinate this semester, then I should have a really good and somewhat easy semester. The temptation though is to procrastinate, I already have procrastinated all of last week thanks to that whole drama/hindrence. Surprisingly, reading my architecture book has been challenging and astronomy homework and reading has confused me. I will however get it done. Everything seems to be going well for me, I am enjoying being in the dorms and have yet to feel lonely, which leads me to belief that something is bound to happen that will send me for a ride. There already is one thing that is teetering but I think there is something else that will send me for a wild ride/shock. However, I feel like I am prepared for it. I just feel proud of myself for going as far as I have. I think I have reached a plateau of life though not the plateau of my life's journey; yet there is definitely a steep climb to reach the next plateau but I am up for the challenge. That steep climb is the theme of this semester for me.

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