Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Snowflakes and shopping bags...
What do they have in common?
Christmas time!
I love Christmas because
Since I am a nostalgic person
I love the sense of good memories flooding back
I don't know what exactly it is
About this time of year
Except that my heart seems to grow
As big as the Grinch's did
On Christmas day.

Heh...why am I even writing this blog in poem format? I dont know. I have lost my mind. I think my attention span has decreased because I was talking to my friend on the phone recently and I started playing with these magnets I found and when I saw that two magnets were repelling each other...I was like hey I remember learning about that law of (insert title). Heh, I am such a nerd. I love to learn and I don't mind my friends explaining things they learned especially not when it's a certain friend (looks at friends' faces with a smirk).
Anyhow the semester is over and it feels wierd. I couldn't sleep last night for the first time even though I didn't have anything to do. I was just laying there on my bed I can't believe the fall semester is over and just reflecting back on the semester and what great times I have had. At the same time, I was also anxious for tomorrow to come even though I really didnt have anything planned for tomorrow. Well, I did do some more Christmas shopping and now I have no more money left in my savings account...waaa. I spent over 200 dollars on presents for friends and I am still not done buying presents for all my friends. I know its crazy and that I really don't have to buy them presents but I really want to. I really need to get a job. I asked at the Papergami store down central (I love that store) if they would be hiring any time soon and they said no. Darn..I really wanted to work there. They have such lovely papers there. Ahh, I love doing crafts. I am soo going to learn to knit this semester and then Maggie has decided that she wants to learn to cook as well so ...we are going to learn to cook! Hurrah!
Well, all in all, I think this will be a good Christmas break! I feel so blessed to have such awesome friends and I just can't help but sing praise (and I do mean sing praise because I will randomly break out singing whatever I am thinking) to God for all He has given me. I can't wait for what He has in hold for me in the future (grammar?).

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