Thursday, December 15, 2005

Who ever heard of winter cleaning? Why must I clean my room today? I am hyper and yet I am not using this spare energy to clean my room. *Sighs*...why am I sighing?...Oh yah because I don't want to clean my room and I know I have to. Darn..apparently I still have yet to grow up and be responsible, but I dont want to grow up ..I want to stay a kid at heart atleast in the good way.

In other news, I turned in my calculus materials and English book and recieved 110 dollars! So I am no longer completely broke except in my bank account. I also have yet to get a job and doesn't appear I will have a job soon. Life has yet to regain its order for me. Well, I am glad though that I will be able to see my brother atlast! I haven't seen him in so long. I am going to try and weird him out like only a sister can, hehehe! It will be hard and awkward though with my parents there but I won't let that stop me from having my fun with my brother.

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