Saturday, April 26, 2008

Here is a poem, I wrote in response to this preacher that came last week to our campus. I was upset because a friend told me that he spoke truth without love and but I felt he didn't speak truth because he had no love. I felt God calling out to me, unfortunately I didn't get my courage in time to speak out against him. I definitely felt though that the Holy spirit was working through me. I wanted to reach out to others. I wanted to do it in a way that was true and honest and the least confrontational and I felt a poem did that the best. So enjoy my poem and feel free to comment on it if you feel like it speaks to you as well.

Response to the Environment

Who are you
To Judge me
How can you
Know my heart
You speak of grace
Without having grace

Do you see these eyes of mine
That have seen
From A to Z
Can you know
What I have done
What I have been through

Don't say its nothing
Compared to your experiences
For there you go again
Judging me
When even your knowledge
Is but a drop in God's eyes
Compared to God's knowledge

Every person here
Is worth more than a universe
For our Creator
Created us
The pain of one person
Is equal to the pain
Of any other person
Because we cannot see
How deep it may hurt
How much damage
It causes us

Don't preach
If you can't listen
If you can't understand
That being a devil's advocate
Won't help
Make the world a better place
If you can't listen
To God talking to you
Right now
Because you are too busy
Shouting your words
They aren't His
The Spirit isn't in you

Paul says
“If I speak in human and angelic tongues
But do not have love,
I am a resounding gong or clashing cymbal
And if I have the gift of prophesy
And comprehend all mysteries and all knowledge;
If I have all faith so as to move mountains
But do not have love,
I am nothing
I give everything I own and
I hand my body over
So that I may boast
But don’t have love,
I gain nothing.”
Don't make anymore noises,
We have enough gongs and clashing cymbals

My love
Cannot be contained
Though I would much rather pass silently
The Spirit compels me to speak

I am tired of preachers preaching
Evangelists evangelizing
Ignorant of the people’s woes
With their own agendas
Without grace
Because there is no love

Do you not see the greater problem?
Are you blind?
Can you not see
What concerns us most now?

People walk
Without a care for the other
Masks on their face
Hiding their problems
Afraid to admit
Their own humanity

Here I am
A student with food, shelter, and education
Yet still I struggle to be happy
The doctors want to medicate me
Because I am not afraid
To feel sad and cry
Because I admit
I am scared of the future
I am not a model
I deal with my own kind of racism
And I did not have
Anyone to talk to

I struggle in school
I have to rely on my parents
And idly watch
As their savings go down
Because I am not a genius

Yes the world is cruel
But I made it through
Because I was told
I had worth
Not by family
But by He
Who sustains me

You can step on me
Call me what you want
But I still believe
That every person here
Is worth as much
As a universe
And every pain
Is as valid
As any other

Now I see
He is with me
Watching over me
And I am listening!

I forgive
And pray for them
For they know
Not what they are doing

I pray they
Learn to find
Eternal happiness
That cannot be bought
With world things
With money
Or at the expense of another

I hope they can
Break their chains
Past, present, and future
And find out
Who God created them to be
Their own trend or prodigy
To be without borders
To be human

I pray they
Let go of their fears
Face their humanity.

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